Miller Photo – On site for the day ?>

Miller Photo – On site for the day

One of the parts of the job that I really enjoy most and get a kick out of as working closely with clients on a new project.  I deal with  customers from all walks of life including corporates, weddings, Babies and animals.  No two shoots are ever the same because my customers always seem to have such unique needs. This makes my job challenging, and at times stressful, but for the most part fun and dynamic.

In my blog I decided to cover decline of inside go to for a number of reasons. The first of which is to keep a diary of sorts, for something to look back on and reflect over. The second is to give potential customers an insight into the variety of work that we undertake at Alison Miller and to provide people with some insight into the daily workings in our line of business. Finally, we wanted to share these with our clients too so they have something fun to look back on too.

A few weeks ago an Australian company called Afterburner Australia, a group that we worked with in the past, got back in touch with us. They needed us to come out and help them with some shots for their new website. This was a cool because we actually got an insight into a fascinating industry that I personally had zero idea about – corporate training and motivational speaking. (Check them out here

Top Gun Style Training

These guys take a leaf right out of Top Gun (the movie). They come to their events dressed head to toe in their fighter pilots uniforms. That’s because they are (ex) fighter pilots and they’re teaching what they learned in the air force to corporate Australia in the form of training. They invited us along to one of their motivational speaking events in Sydney to take a few action shots. Here’s a sneak peak and a couple:


As a small photography consultancy with four staff, we wouldn’t really consider ourselves as the type of company that would require organisational training. But listening to the way the Afterburner team described how the air force methodology of flawless execution can be applied to any workforce was really inspiring. It seriously inspired me to rock up to work the next day and review how we go about some of our most basic tasks. Small gains. Look out world, AM Photo is inspired!

Personally, my worst nightmare is public speaking, walking into a room full of strangers and entertaining them and holding their attention is something I can never imagine doing. I have to hand it to these guys, they really nailed it though.

Standout Effects

The Afterburner team wanted some wide shots that captured the setting but also highlighted the speakers or trainers at work. In some ways we were constrained by the setup of the facility, but in another way this provided a unique opportunity to trial some different effects on the photos to reach the desired outcome.

Focus and Colour

In order to make the subject stand out among a rather bland background, we elected to wash out the background with a black and white finish, leaving the subjects in full colour. This served to really make them pop. The images are being used for their new website so it was important for us to make them focused, clear and distraction free.

Tagging along to another one of their events at Harrison Grierson enabled us to capture the guys in full swing with some wider crowd shots too. Again, we were just looking for images that backed up their key services and would work nicely online in a website header section.

All in all, this was a lot of fun for the AM Photo team, but it was also ultra educational and we’re not just saying that. Some good discussions were had back at AM HQ regarding how we can implement some little one percenters and review and debrief in order to succeed in the future.

Capturing Sydney’s Iconic Landmarks at Sunrise ?>

Capturing Sydney’s Iconic Landmarks at Sunrise

The wonderful images you can produce from capturing sunrise with your camera makes waking up early in the morning worth the trouble. If you want to add sunrise photography to your photo memorabilia, one of the best places to visit is Sydney. Besides giving you a full view of the sun breaking into a blanket of sky, the city offers breathtaking scenery that glisten in the sunlight.

Milsons Point

Exploring this part of South Wales allows you to fill your camera with stunning photos. Milsons Point is overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge that seems to glow under the early morning light. If you are planning to capture the bridge from different angles, take into consideration that the New Year’s Eve light show structure, which is set up yearly, is not dismantled until March. However, you can take a walk along the water to take photos of the city basking in sunlight.

sydney sunrise milsons point

To take advantage of wide angle shots, do not forget to pack a 10-22, 17-40 or 16-35mm lens. You can bring ND grad filters but they are not necessary because the sun will be on the left and you can control light in a single frame.

Mrs Macquarie’s Point

You will be happily clicking away with your camera when you are at Mrs Macquarie’s Point as it provides you with a view of two of the most iconic landmarks of Australia: Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Your photography tour of Sydney will not be complete without photos of Sydney Opera House, and you can take as many photos as you like when you are standing on Mrs Macquarie’s Point. When you are satisfied with your photos of the two landmarks, you can wander off to Luna Park which is nearby.

Attach a long lens to your camera to get clearer shots of the Opera House sails with the bridge in the background, but be quick about it because when the sun rises, the sails captured in the photo can overexpose. Mrs Macquarie’s Point is a great location to take a digital panorama of the Sydney Opera House and its adjacent structures.

Bondi Icebergs

The Bondi Icebergs pool, as if stretching far out into the ocean, will look great in photos, especially with Ben Buckler in the background. Before you are tempted to take a dip in the ocean-side pool, first capture the magnificent view with your camera. Bondi Icebergs is within walking distance from Bondi Beach, and if you are coming from somewhere else, you can get free parking until 8 a.m. As Bondi Beach is nearby, you can take great photos of activities on its shoreline.

icebergs bondi sunrise photography

The sun rising over Ben Buckler, along with the angle of the headland and the beach, can give a difficult dynamic range when shooting sunrise south down the beach. However, you can get a great contrast in your photos if the sky is diffused by clouds.

Both natural formations and man made structures in the seashore exhibit wonderful colours under the early morning light, so you can fill your camera with beautiful photos even if you are staying in only one spot along the coastline of Sydney. However as Sydney is the world’s largest natural harbour, there are so many locations you can explore to indulge in sunrise photography. So plan a trip to Sydney to capture great photos while collecting wonderful memories.

Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Events ?>

Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Events

A wedding, a party or any other social event needs sometimes the services of a good photographer. It’s a good way to immortalize the beautiful moments that take place in such a day. For a wedding, this is extremely important because even if you will remember how you felt in that day, the details will become blurry over time, and only some quality pictures will keep the memories alive.

lady_photographerApart from this, you’ll always want to see how you looked in that day (as a bride), or how happy you’ve felt when you’ve turned 25, or when you’ve baptised your child or when a friend got engaged. For all these happy moments in your life, it’s extremely essential to choose the services of a professional photographer. Let’s see how to do this the right way:

Ask Around

As it usually happens, some of your friends might know someone who is a professional event photographer that could help you out. If they have had a certain event and they have liked the pictures that were taken, ask to see the pictures. If they seem professional to you, it’s a good idea to ask for the contact details of that photographer and give them a call. This will help you a lot, and even if you don’t choose them, you might make an idea about the costs and what the services involve.

Look Online

As we live in a technological environment, where the internet and technology has taken over a large part of our lives, you could make a thorough research online and look for professional photographers. Many of them have a website where they will give you contact details, their working hours, their experience and some prices. Write down the details and make a list with the people you want to call.

Calling Them

When you decide to call and meet them, go personally and talk to them. Don’t choose to talk to a secretary or someone who is in call-service. It’s important to talk directly to the photographer, because it’s the only way you will make sure that your ideas are understood and seriously taken into consideration.

photographer (2)Portfolio

It’s also a good time to ask about portfolio. All the photographers will keep a book with photos taken at different events to show their clients what they can do and what they have worked on. If the photographer doesn’t have a portfolio, he or she might not be professional and you don’t need such a person for your event.


The price will vary from photographer to photographer, but don’t think that if you choose someone who is less expensive you will also have quality photos. If it’s for your wedding day or for any other important moment in your life, cutting down the costs with the photographer will not be the solution for having a great day. Choose someone who offers you quality, even if it’s a little more expensive.


A professional photographer will have the right experience to understand your ideas. Usually, people want different types of photos on different settings, so say all these things to the photographer and even take him or her to see the location. This will make it easier for them to plan everything, and you will see if they know what they have to do from the way they are talking and explaining to you. Most of the times, if the idea of the client is not proper, the photographer will explain what he can do and what the client should take into consideration.


Every professional photographer will offer you a written contract for the services that are provided. You should never accept to hire a photographer that doesn’t have a contract, because this is a service that you book in advance, and you need to be sure that they will show up in the given day. Those who don’t have the right experience in this domain might mix up dates or not show up, but with a contract, he or she is kept by the contract to come and make the photos or sent a replacement.